(Belated) new lab members!

We've been waiting for the end of a long winter to take photos of our newest lab members. Finally, there are leaves and blossoms!

We welcome two new postdocs, Jenna Sternberg and Dave Dingal, and a new technician, Amelia Hidalgo.

Jenna completed a bachelor's degree in Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT before moving to Claire Wyart's lab for her PhD, where she studied sensory processing in the spinal cord. In the Schier lab, Jenna is studying sensory coding in the larval zebrafish gut.

Dave did a bachelor's degree in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering in Singapore, and his doctorate degree at the University of Pennsylvania where he studied the effects of mechano-chemical signals in adult human stem cells. He then did post-doctoral work at Stanford, building molecular tools to measure and rewire cellular signaling. In the Schier lab Dave is developing tools to study signals involved in zebrafish development and behavior.

Amelia graduated from Williams College, where she worked with Steven Swoap and Lauren Williamson. She spent a short time at HMS under Isaac Chiu before joining the Schier lab, where she is interested in the neural circuitry underlying sleep deprivation in mice.


Welcome Jenna, Dave and Amelia!