Alex, Jamie and Tessa win departmental awards

At the MCB annual retreat, Alex, Jamie and Tessa were honored with departmental awards.


Alex Schier and Florian Engert were awarded the Bjorkman-Strominger-Wiley Prize for Collaboration, in recognition of their 10-year collaboration. 

James Gagnon was awarded the Meselson Prize, which honors the most beautiful experiment in MCB. Jamie was recognized for his recently published work: Whole organism lineage tracing by combinatorial and cumulative genome editing in collaboration with the Shendure lab at the University of Washington.

Tessa Montague was awarded the Doty-Losick Prize for Service to the Community for her outreach work in the department. You can read more about Tessa's outreach in a recent MCB article


Congratulations to Alex, Jamie and Tessa!