New graduate students

Three new graduate students have joined the Schier lab!


Adam Carte is in the Systems Biology Program at Harvard. Adam was an undergraduate at West Virginia University where he majored in biochemistry and conducted research in Ashok Bidwai's lab, studying the regulation of protein kinase CK2 in Drosophila melanogaster. Adam received the 2015 NSF graduate fellowship.

Alyson Ramirez is in the MCO Program and a joint student of Alex Schier and Susan Mango. Alyson studied molecular, cellular and developmental biology (with a minor in biomedical research) at UCLA, where she worked in the lab of Ben Novitch studying transcription factor specification of cortical and motor neuron subtypes. Alyson received the 2014 NSF graduate fellowship. 

Yiqun Wang is also in the MCO program. Yiqun graduated from the Ohio State University with dual degrees in biology and applied math. Yiqun worked in Erich Grotewold's lab studying MATE transporter proteins in Arabidopsis.